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Title: For Jenny’s Sake


Author: Billie Houston


Genre:  Mystery Romance


Book Blurb:


Eight years ago, Erin Harrow fled her hometown in the wake of shame and scandal. The woman who ran for cover then is not the same Erin who has come home to reconnect with her daughter. Erin Bennett is now sophisticated, savvy, and well-educated. She’s also determined to be part of Jenny’s life, even if that takes every cent she inherited from billionaire Sheldon Bennett.

Gabe Harrow adored his wife, and his hurt runs deep. He might have forgiven Erin’s unfaithfulness in time if she hadn’t disappeared without a trace, deserting their four-year-old daughter. Even now, Erin won’t admit her involvement with a convicted murderer. How can he ever trust his ex-wife to be a fit mother to Jenny?




His mind fast forwarded eight years as Erin perched on the edge of the chair in front of his desk, and said, "You're looking well." Her voice had changed. It was richer in tone and deeper in timbre.


"So are you." Gabe pressed his broad shoulders against the back of his chair. "I must say, this is a surprise."


"It shouldn't be. I had a ten-thirty appointment." She glanced at her watch. "It's now eleven-ten."


Gabe stared at that lovely, composed face. Curiosity overrode any thought of social amenities. "Why did you come here?"


Erin looked him in the eye without blinking. "I want to see Jenny."


He had always known this day would come. "I suppose that can be arranged, after a proper amount of time and preparation."


Erin placed her hands on the arms of her chair and leaned forward. "I don't have time to wait, or prepare. I want to see my daughter. Immediately."


All the heartache and heartbreak of the past eight years rolled across Gabe like an onrushing tide. His answer was cold and calculated. "I am the one who will decide when and if you see Jenny."


Erin’s steady gaze continued. "I don't want this to disintegrate into a mud-slinging contest but I will see Jenny, one way or another."


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Author Biography:


Billie Houston writes poetry, sweet romance and Christian-themed novels. She is the mother of three, and the grandmother of seven wonderful grandchildren. She is also a former English teacher and has worked with special needs children.


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